How BzS Works

The BzS (pronounced Bizzz) production staff arranges a conference call with the business owner to discuss the inner workings of the business, what makes this business unique, what the selling points are and what bullet points the owner would like to cover during his/her taped interview.

On the day of the shoot, the owner (or designated on-camera spokesperson) will arrive at the BzS studio for make-up and instructional meeting with the Director.  S/He will then enter the comfortable-yet-stylish BzS set to tape their segment with our business reporter.

The BzS production team is made up of experienced professionals including Executive Producer, Director, Professional/Experienced Business Host, Production Coordinator, Sophisticated Interview Set, (3) High Definition Cameras with Camera Operators, Technical Director, Lighting Grid and Sound Package, Make-Up Artist, Production Assistants, Location Camera Crew, and Post Production/Editor.

In addition to the taped segment our Location Camera Crew will visit the company’s site (usually the week before or after the shoot), to shoot video of the facility, product, staff, service, etc. to provide additional footage for use in illustrating the final edited piece.

Guest attorney David Givot with producer Sue Berry and BzS host Bella Shaw

Ladyface Alehouse co-founder Cyrena Nouzille prepares for her interview with BzS producer Sue Berry and host Bella Shaw